Isaiah Katz

My career as a press photographer began in 1974. First Capital Press Inc., my own company, was established to further my interest in, and pursuit of, press photography. My first clients were The National Enquirer, The Globe, and The Star. My work received recognition from the editors, and, as a result, I was sent to cover stories all over the United States.

I also bid on, and received, contracts to photograph the Philadelphia Eagles for Pro Football Weekly, a relationship that lasted for thirty years. My success led me to cover other Philadelphia professional sports teams, as well as police and fire department situations.

I covered the accident at Three Mile Island for New Scientist Magazine (London). One of my most intriguing assignments was photographing Centralia. The town was being destroyed by an underground coal fire, while burning and sinking into the ground.

In 1984 I started another photography division, Blackfan Studio Inc., for in-house commercial photography, which allowed me to control the environment such as lighting and composition. I performed all aspects of the business, such as marketing, development, and client relationships. I created striking images for clients in many diverse industries, including retail, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing.

The most amazing photographic experience of my life was the opportunity to study with Ansel Adams, Arnold Newman, and John Sexton at Yosemite National Park in 1981. I was chosen from several thousand applicants, and I was able to improve my expertise and skills in all aspects of black and white photography.

In recent years I’ve been photographing architecture, landscapes, natural phenomena, as well as street scenes. I’ve been concentrating on 35mm photography (both film and digital) by utilizing natural and supplemental light. I prefer using Fujichrome film because of its richness, warmth, and inviting color, which is similar to that of Kodachrome.